Parents of Igors Aksiks Helen and Alf at their working place, Liepupe pharmacy.

Lower secondary school Dunte. Igors Aksiks as a pupil of the second form in the middle of bench, behind.

Riga Medical Institution, Anatomy cathedra. Igors Aksiks’ professor (in the middle) and second grade students Valdis Silke and Indra Muceniece, 1967.

Igors Aksiks in the recently opened ward of intense neurosurgery therapy, Pauls Stradins Latvian Republic hospital, 1973.

Pauls Stradins republic hospital, 1978. Operating theatre of Neurosurgery. From left to right: Ilze Liepiņa, prof. Jānis Ozoliņš, Igors Aksiks.

Igors Aksiks and professor Gaida Krumina make the first operation of microdiscectomy in Latvia, 1983.

Neurosurgery department. Pauls Stradins clinical hospital. From left to right: Modra Šnore, Igors Aksiks, Skaidrīte Šteinberga and ward nurse Rita Kaminska.

Romualds Ražuks, profesor Jānis Kupčs, Tālivaldis Apinis, Jānis Stuķēns and Igors Aksiks into neurosurgery department of Pauls Stradins republic hospital, 1989.

Brain Surgery Institute (named by Nikolay Burdenko), 1987, Moscow. Igors Aksiks after presentation of his dissertation with professor Serbinenko (founder of endovascular neurosurgery). Behind them – professor Sakovich from neurosurgery clinic of Jekaterinburg.

Head holder Skawya(manufactured in Latvia). 1988. Inventors: Egils Stumbris and Igors Aksiks.

Riga Medical Academy, 1994. Igors Aksiks (left) at presentation of his doctorate, professor Jānis Kupčs (scientific adviser) and professor Jānis Gaujēns.

Igors Aksiks after presentation and achieving doctor’s degree in science. 1994. From left to right: Natālija Kaže, professor Arvīds Platpers, Igors Aksiks and professor Arvo Tikk, Estonia.


Igors Aksiks as a head of neurosurgery clinic and his staff. 1996. From left to right: Egils Puķītis, Jānis Stuķēns, Arnis Ozols, Egils Valeinis, Daina Kurme, Indulis Māķēns, Arturs Grīslītis, Egils Birkhāns, Rodrigo Sveržickis, Eduards Žilevics.

Opening of microneurosurgery operating theatre in neurosurgery department after renovation in 1998. From left to right: ward nurse Valija Erdmane, operation nurse Tatjana Pudāne, anaesthetists Sarmīte Plūme and Tamāra Zītare, deputy of hospital Māris Pļaviņš, ward nurse of operating theatre Maija Lerha, head doctor Henriks Runds, Igors Aksiks.

USA Aitken Neuro Science Center conference in Prague, 1999. Three clinics from Baltic countries were presented with Memorial Certificate “As a Centre of Excellence in the treatment of Traumatic Brain Injury”. From left to right: professor Egidijus Jaržemskas (University’s Neurosurgery clinic of Kaunas), professor Toomas Asser (University’s Neurosurgery clinic of Tartu), Igors Aksiks.

Conference, dedicated to 90th anniversary of Pauls Stradins University’s hospital, 2000. Hugging the book dedicated to anniversary (from left to right) Igors Aksiks, Māris Pļaviņš (head doctor), Uldis Kalniņš (head of Cardiology’s department).

House of Riga Latvian Society, 2000. Minister of welfare Andrejs Požarnovs (at right) presents to Igors Aksiks an award because of contribution into neurosurgery development celebrating the 90th anniversary of Pauls Stradins University’s hospital.

Pauls Stradins hospital Neurosurgery Clinic. 2000. Igors Aksiks amongst the 5th year students of Latvian University, cycle on neurosurgery.

International Congress of Neurological Surgeons 2001. Sydney. From left to right: professor Sir. Graham Teasdale from Glasgow University, founder of Glasgow scale on coma, and Igors Aksiks.


Neurosurgery clinic of University’s hospital, Freiburg, 2002. Stereotaxis department. Igors Aksiks and professor Christoph Ostertag (honour president of European Association on functional stereotaxis).

Stereotaxis surgery’s renaissance in Neurosurgery clinic. November 2002. From left to right: Tatjana Ņikandrova, Igors Aksiks and Rodrigo Sveržickis, Renārs Putniņš, Egils Valeinis.

Igors Aksiks and professor Gazi Jasargil(founder of micro techniques applying into neurosurgery). Conference dedicated to memory of Estonian surgeon Ludvig Puusepp, 2003.

Igors Aksiks left at exchange workshop of 30 years experience in Bratislava Neurosurgery clinic, 2003.

Igors Aksiks at 13 International Congress of Neurological Surgeons, 2005, Marrakesh.

Andrievs Dzenītis, neurosurgeon from USA when visiting Riga in Neurosurgery Clinic with Igors Aksiks, 2005.

After operation stimulating deep brain structures, April 2004. From left to right Igors Aksiks, Rodrigo Sveržickis, Egils Puķītis and a patient Alla Sējāne.

Igors Aksiks with radiologists (from left to right) Sarmīte Dzelzīte, Helmuts Kidikas, Natālija Dovganova at morning conference in Neurosurgery Clinic, 2005.


Spinal conference in Israel – 2006. Neurosurgery clinic’s physicians. From left to right: Egils Puķītis, Edmunds Kārkliņš, Viktors Vestermanis, Igors Aksiks and Aivars Olmanis.


Igors Aksiks getting the diploma of corresponding member of Latvian Academy of Science (LAC). 2006. From left to right: LAC president, academician Juris Ekmanis, Igors Aksiks, general secretary of LCA academician Raimonds Valters.

Ludwig-Maximilian University, epilepsy department of Neurosurgery clinic. 2007. From left to right: Igors Aksiks, professor Peter Vinkler, and Rībenis.

Heinrich Heine university, Duesseldorf, Neurosurgery clinic, 2007. Igors Aksiks before operative resection of brain tumor.

Graduating of Medical faculty 2007. Latvian University. Igors Aksiks and his daughter Zane.

Igors Aksiks and Konstantin Slavins(American functional stereotaxis association’s president) at Association’s annual conference, 2008.

Igors Aksiks and professor Takaomi Taira(president of International functional Neurosurgery and stereotaxis society) at the annual World conference 2011. Cape Town.


Igors Aksiks together with his wife and colleagues form Korea at the International Neurosurgery Congress –15 in Seoul, 2013.

September 21st- 22nd, 2017,Germany - Herne / Düsseldorf

42nd International Symposium & Basic Training Course for Full-endoscopic Surgeries of the Lumbar, Thoracic and Cervical Spine

Spinal Cord Injury (Report), Waikiki, Hawaii, USA, 2-5.04.2019

International 14th Congress of Stereotactic Radiology, Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, 9-13. June 2019, left Māris Mežeckis, I.Aksiks in the middle, right Vladyslav Buryk