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Myself – Igors Aksiks, I am an active neurosurgeon since 1980. My principal workplace now is at Clinical Hospital of Paul Stradin University.  I am an experiences specialist both in the field of brain surgery and vertebrology (spine diseases and their operative treatment). I was one of the leaders among Latvian and former USSR neurosurgeons beginning to perform a wide range of most complicated operations, such as:

  • Minimum traumatic operations (discectomies (video)), reducing or diminishing pain connected to radiculitis (up to 1000 operations);
  • Decompression ob brain nerves in cases of Trigeminal and Glossopharyngeal (video) Neuralgia, Hemifacial Spasm (video), etc.(more then 400 operations);
  • Operations of brain (video) and spinal (video) core tumors, using microscopes and neuro navigation devices  (more then 700 operations);
  • Suppressing of aneurysm of brain vessels after cerebral haemorrage microsurgical clipping ((video), more then 300 operations) etc.

The outcome of my operative activities coincides with a level of best neurosurgeon results over the world. Both my theoretical research and clinical achievements are well known and approved. I am a regular participant of International Congresses both in the field of Brain and Spine surgery and Pain treatment also. I am still publishing my articles in some leading special magazines mainly in English. I am a member of some prestigious Fellowships (Neurosurgeon and Vertebrology).

Many popular and now experienced neurosurgeons (E.Valeinis, R.Sveržickis, A.Ribenis, R.Putniņš, K.Puriņš, M.Rambadagalla, B.J.Wehbe, J.Šlēziņš) got their qualification into my leadership. I was a scientific superior to A.Auders,žickis, K.Kupčs when they had elaborated their scientific research, and I am so forth a professor at Latvian University.

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